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5. Are people optimistic or pessimistic about the transition to new
3) Summarise the article in 10 sentences.
4) You are at a lecture on the problem of alternative sources of power. Professor
N. suggests that in forty or fifty years there will be very little oil left, so it will
be necessary to find other sources of power. When the oil runs out, coal will
become very important again. A lot of old coal mines will re-open. Solar energy
already heats some buildings and it will heat many more in the future.
According to Professor N., water provides electricity in some countries. Many
other countries will use water power in the same way. As for windmills, they
will become a common sight again. Special attention is given to atomic energy.
A lot of people believe that atomic power is dangerous. They may be worried
unnecessarily as atomic power will become safer and more important in the
years to come.
Act out the following situation in pairs: (student A) you know very little about
alternative sources of power. You would like to know why we will have to find
different sources of power. Ask questions to find out how effective the
alternative sources will be. (Student B) You are well-informed and answer all
the questions. Conduct a conversation on the problem of alternative energy
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