Учебно-методическое пособие по чтению специальной литературы для студентов 1 курса физического факультета. Дроздова И.В - 19 стр.


The orbit of the Prognoz sputniks allows to study both near Earth and the
interplanetary shock waves that originate during solar flares. Research into shock
waves is of great importance in the study of phenomena taking place in distant space.
Comprehension check.
Read the text for details.
The following statements are false. Change one word or phrase in each statement to
make it true.
1) The flights made outside the Earths atmosphere couldnt make it possible
to obtain more data on the Suns distant ultraviolet and x-ray irradiation.
2) In January 1959 the American "lunniks" discovered the solar wind.
3) The solar wind doesnt influence much the shaping of the Earths
4) Under the Intercosmos programme a number of sputniks were launched
with the mission of gathering data on solar corona.
5) Research was continued aboard the Challenger.
6) The formation of other shock waves was observed on the surface of the
In small groups of students discuss the following points.
1. What makes the Sun radiate energy?
2. What are neutrinos and photons and how are they different?
Unit V
Problem of Waste Disposal
Pre-reading activity
1. What do you expect to be in an article that is entitled Problem of Waste
a) environmental problems caused by atomic power plants.
b) some new principles of designing and building modern reactors.
c) how to get rid of the used up nuclear fuel.
2. The following are all physical terms dealing with nuclear power. Use your
dictionaries to check the meaning, then fill in the spaces. Some are already filled
to help you:
uranium, circulating water, releasing energy, radioactivity, heat, turbine blades,
vitrification, electric generators, nuclear fission, water pipes, uranium rods,
small-scale separate reactors, small grains encapsulated in ceramic spheres, thick
concrete containers, deep damps and bores