Английский язык. Горчакова Е.П - 44 стр.


5.Match the adverbs in A with the words in B
1. necessarily
2. fairly
3. annually
4. inexorably
5. inevitably
6. increasingly
7. relatively
8. moderately
9. eventually
10. naturally
11. genetically
12. environmentally
13. adequately
a) represented
b) caused
c) occurring events
d) to be follows
e) it follows
f) successful
g) decreasing
h) result
i) important
j) high
k) determined
l) to increase
6. Match each word from A with its synonym or
explanation from B.
1. precise
2. practical
3. representative
4. stationary
5. overall
a) changeable
b) exact
c) typical
d) suited to actual use
e) suffering from bad

5 .Ma t c h t h e a dver bs i n A wi t h t h e wo r d s i n B

                 A                                       B
    1. necessarily                           a) represented

    2. fairly                                b) caused

    3. annually                              c) occurring events

    4. inexorably                            d) to be follows

    5. inevitably                            e) it follows

    6. increasingly                          f) successful

    7. relatively                            g) decreasing

    8. moderately                            h) result

    9. eventually                            i) important

    10. naturally                            j) high

    11. genetically                          k) determined

    12. environmentally                      l) to increase

    13. adequately

       6 . Ma t c h ea c h wo r d f r o m A wi t h i t s syn o n ym o r
ex p l a n a t i o n f r o m B.

         A                                   B
    1. precise                               a) changeable

    2. practical                             b) exact

    3. representative                        c) typical

    4. stationary                            d) suited to actual use

    5. overall                             e) suffering from bad