The World around Us. Любинская Н.А. - 29 стр.



Look through the second paragraph. You may cut it to one sentence. What is this
key sentence?
Go on summarizing each paragraph. You can combine two paragraphs into one.
Omit some of them if you think it is appropriate.
D. Follow-up
1. What is Russian people’s attitude to representatives of former Soviet Re-
2. What is your attitude to foreign students studying at the University?
3. How can you explain aggression and cruelty towards strange people?
4. What should be done to eliminate the violence?
E. Writing
Write a mini-composition in 5–6 sentences, stating the main reasons for violence
against strangers.
Unit 9. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friends
Lead in
Which investments give most profits?
new ventures; real estate; stocks and bonds; precious stones and metals; land;
bank accounts; objects of art and paintings.
Where are the world known diamond mines?
In a little house down a muddy lane in Saurimo, a remote city in north-
eastern Angola, Tony Cabengele unfolded a sheet of white paper and rolled a
small, cloudy white stone onto the table. “Let me teach you about diamonds,” he
said earnestly, unwrapping more stones and piling them a little pyramid. “They
are full of surprises.”
Despite their differences, these little pebbles shared the unique character-
istics of all diamonds: so hard that they can be scratched only with another dia-
mond, so dense that they slow the speed of light by almost two-third, cold to the
touch, because they draw heat from your fingers.
They were ancient, created from carbon under titanic pressure and enor-
mous heat deep underground when the earth was young, the diamonds had re-
mained just below the deepest layers of the Earth’s crust until, perhaps, a hun-
dred million years ago, they rode up to the surface in a fast-moving eruption of
molten rock called kimberlite. The kimberlite cooled in narrow funnels shaped
like carrots, with their wide, rounded ends sticking up from the surface. Millions
of years of rain and weather inexorably eroded the surface portion of the
kimberlite pipes until the freed diamonds washed across the landscape and