Иностранный язык: Контрольные работы по английскому языку для студентов 3-4 курса специальности 030401 - "История". Мартемьянова Н.В - 3 стр.


Грамматика : Неличные формы глагола
Инфинитив (The Infinitive)
Формы инфинитива
Indefinite Continuous Perfect
Active to write to be writing to have written
Passive to be written - to have been
П р и м е ч а н и я : Частица to не ставится 1) после модальных глаголов
must, can/could, may/might, need; 2) после глаголов : to make заставлять ; to
let разрешать ; 3) после выражений: had better - лучше бы; would rather,
would sooner предпочел бы.
I. Поставьте инфинитив в следующих предложениях в подходящую по
смыслу форму. Вставьте частицу to там, где это необходимо.
James Smith decided (to dedicate) his book to his friend. 2. Some important
decisions must (to take) soon. 3. Let me (to defend) my pint of view. 4. There was
one more announcement (to make). 5. Let us (to get in touch) with linguists in
Moscow. 6. Do you want (to make) John (to do) it? 7. Youd better (to translate)
this text yourself.
II. Вставьте подходящую по смыслу форму инфинитива :A)Passive or
Active, B) Indefinite or Perfect.
A. 1. The lecturer wants The student wants (to understand, to be
understood). 2. We expected the meeting next month. He expected the
attention of the audience (to hold, to be held). 3. Some changes had He wanted
some changes in the project (to make, to be made). 4. There were a lot of
things He was nowhere (to see, to be seen).
B. 1. Its good work for the day (to finish, to have finished). 2. She admits
the same mistake in her previous paper (to make, to have made). 3. He was sorry
not the idea earlier (to give up, to have given up). 4. Many nations claim
defending democracy(to be, to have been). 5. She confessed the man before (to
see, to have seen). 6. The negotiations seem to an end (to come, to have come).
7. The relations between the two countries seem the lowest point (to reach, to
have reached).