Иностранный язык: Контрольные работы по английскому языку для студентов 3-4 курса специальности 030401 - "История". Мартемьянова Н.В - 38 стр.


Anglo-Saxons were strong and well trained, they defeated Picts and Scots, but
when afterwards Britons asked them to leave they refused to do it and stayed.
After about one hundred and fifty years of fighting Britons had either been
forced to Wales or had become slaves.
Anglo-Saxons founded a lot of kingdoms: Kent, Essex, Wessex, Merica,
In 789 more than three hundred years after the Anglo9-Saxons had settled in
Britain, the Vikings began to attack the British Isles. They came from Norway,
Sweden, and Denmark. The winters there were long and cold and the soil was
poor, so Britain was a rich prize for them. They made a big army. The Anglo-
Saxon kingdoms couldnt resist the Vikings, and soon only the kingdom of
Wessex remained free of them the King of Wessex was Alfred the Great.