Английский язык. Учебное пособие. Бабушкин А.П - 18 стр.


the Navy 15. connected with the sea or navigation 16. happen 17. put forward as a
reason or excuse 18. exemption
Vocabulary Study
I. Supply the word from the texts which is a periphrasis of the following.
(For the answers, see page 24).
1. throughout a nation 2. sufficiently interesting for reporting 3. involve duplication
4. judgement that a person is not guilty 5. the convicting of a person for a crime
6. written order giving official authority 7. having good effect 8.violent outburst of
lawlessness 9. person engaged in a lawsuit 10.cooperating 11.right or power of
choosing 12.variety 13. give way 14. that branch of Government which controls the
navy 15.connected with the sea or navigation 16.happen 17.put forward as a reason
or excuse 19. exemption
II. Recall the texts or use the following expressions in the situations of your own.
1. bring cases 2. initiate a lawsuit 3. make into an issue 4.in these instances 5. raise
question 6. creat confusion 7.use one’s own discretion 8.win the case 9. hear cases
10. a number of options 10. home ground 11.gross injustice 12. substantial federal
question 13. legal argument 14. dramatic example 15. release from jail
16. convicted criminals 17. the exclusive authority 18. compelling reason 19.file
the case 20.gain the sympathy (of) 20. seek federal jurisdiction
III. Name the crimes (For the answers, see page 24).
1. Copying (coins, hand writing etc) in order to deceive)
2. betrayal of one’s country or ruler
3. stealing
4. using (money or property placed in one’s care) deceitfully and illegally for one’s
own benefit
5. making false money or signatures
6. attacking (a person) violently
7. killing a person for political reasons
8. unlawful killing of a human being on purpose
9. stealing from shops while acting as an ordinary customer
10. stealing goods from, eg a lorry, by stopping it in transit
11. getting (goods) secretely and illegally (into, out of, a country)
12. buying and selling drugs illegally
IV. Read the text below and decide which word A, B or C best fits each gap.