Английский язык. Учебное пособие. Бабушкин А.П - 3 стр.


Scan the texts for answers to the following questions.
1. What Kind of a picture do courts and the judicial process bring to mind?
2. In what ways does the U.S. Supreme Court building resemble a church?
3. Does the Supreme Court rule on the guilt or innocence of the accused or only on
whether or not laws and legal procedures conform to the Constitution?
4. Are there any losers among those whose case goes before the Supreme Court?
5. Are all cases sent to the Supreme Court considered there?
6. Why are some legislative and executive rules “vague”?
7. What does “equity” mean?
Vocabulary Study
I. Supply the word from the text which is a periphrasis of the following
(For the answers, see page 23).
1. a chairman’s hammer 2. a dress of office 3. one whose business it is to introduce
and direct stranges 4. a passage 5. a fixed bench in a church 6. respectful awe 7.
appeal to general principles of justice; (In England, Ireland, U.S.) a system of law
that grew up alongside statute law and common law 8. indistinct 9. to comply with
10. one who conforms ecp. with the worship of the established church 11. not valid:
nullified 12. to make a temporary stop 13. to push the end of anything against or
into 14. to wander over 15. to hit sharply.
II. Look up the following words in the English – English dictionary and write out the
principal meanings and derivatives.
1. legislature n; 2. resemble v.; 3. regulations n; 4. specify v.; 5. fairness n; 6.
dispute n; 7. just a; 8. insert n; 9. precedent n; 10. violate v.; 11. appellate a.
III. Find in the texts the English phrases corresponding to the Russian equivalents.
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