Английский язык. Учебное пособие. Бабушкин А.П - 4 стр.


IV. Complete the following text with the words and phrases from the “word bank”
using them in the appropriate form.
Word Bank
a) theft b) lawyers c) In that case d) the lawyer’s fee e) trial f) the prison g) the
witness h) accused persons i) court j) to be arrested by police k) to be represented
by l) to be innocent m) to fight injustice n) to be found innocent o) to be denied the
right p) to afford to.
In 1961 a Florida man named Clarence Gideon (a) _________ as he stood near
a small store into which someone has broken earlier (c) _________ . Gideon was
arrested because another man said he saw the (b) _________ take place. Gideon was
not (c) _________ by a lawyer in (d) ________ . He claimed (e) _________ and tried
to act as his own lawyer. The (f) ________ succeeded in convincing the jury that
Gideon was guilty, and Gideon went to (g) _________. Gideon decided, that he must
(h) _________ . He read law books in prison library and then wrote to the Supreme
Court, saying (i) ________ to be represented by a lawyer. The Court ruled that
Gideon was correct. It said that people who are accused must have lawyers to pay
Such (k) ________ . (l), the state must pay (m) _________ . Gideon got a new (n)
_________, was represented by a lawyer and (o) _________ . Legal representation is
now provided by the state to all (p) _______ who cannot afford to pay for it.
Develop the points or answer the questions (For the answers, see page 23).
1. Can you picture a black or a woman presiding over a U.S. Court?
2. Hundreds of cases that come before the Supreme Court are concerned with
freedom of religion, press and speech. A well-known Supreme Court case involved
a woman named Madelyn Murray, who believed that freedom of religion also
meant the freedom not to have a religion. Mrs. Murray felt it was wrong that in the
city of Baltimore, Maryland, public schoolchildren were required to read from the
Christian Bible. The Supreme Court agreed with Mrs. Murray. It ruled that the
First Amendment to the Constitution requires…
3. In l971, two major United States newspapers began publishing a history of
American involvement in the war in Vietnam. The history was in the form of a
report prepared for high government officials. It had been stolen from government
files and given to the newspapers. The American government went to court to stop
the newspapers from publishing the report. The Supreme Court ruled, however,
that because the Constitution…
4. Not everyone whose case goes before the Supreme Court is a winner. Losers have
included prisoners who claimed they were treated unjustly because they were
locked up four to a cell built for one. The Supreme Court…