Учебно-методическое пособие по чтению специальной литературы для студентов 1 курса физического факультета. Дроздова И.В - 9 стр.


Unit II
Three Laws of Motion
Pre-reading task
Everyone knows the famous name of Sir Isaac Newton and his three celebrated laws
of motion.
I. Put a jumbled version of three laws of motion in an appropriate order.
A) Use the chart to choose proper words
B) Write your version of the laws.
body direction equal in a straight line
motion change outside force proportional to
inside force remain move at a constant speed
speed take place act upon if unless
at rest force continue opposite to
first law at rest
second law change of motion of the body
third law reaction
II. Flick through the text to check your version.
III. Choose the synonym and find in the text the sentence where the underlined
word is used. Translate it.
1. immense, adj. 4. rough, adj. 7. steadily, adj.
A. precise A. smooth A. gradually
B. complete B. flat B. eventually
C. large C. rude C. irregularly
D. infinite D. tough D. suddenly
2. magnify, v. 5. considerable, adj. 8. grain, n.
A. enlarge A. incomplete A. small amount
B. multiply B. complicated B. gram
C. magnetize C. sophisticated C. plant
D. hypnotize
D. important D. food
3. neglect, v. 6. unless, conj. 9. visible
A. dismiss A. if A. in sight
B. remain N. if not B. possessing a visa
C. observe C. provided C. concerned with
D. assert D. in case D. supreme