Учебно-методическое пособие по чтению специальной литературы для студентов 1 курса физического факультета. Дроздова И.В - 7 стр.


matter is divisible without limit in the microcosmos and is accumulated in the
macrocosmos. Now, neither the finiteness, nor infinity of gravitation of matter
outside and into infinitesimal depth can be proved.
A field is power or other (barometric, velocity related, temperature, etc.) spatial
characteristic expressed either by a physical law or by a set of numerical data.
There can not be a field without the presence of matter. The field expresses the state
(i.e., the motion) of matter in space. There is nothing but moving matter in the
world. And matter can not move other than in space and in time.
Energy is a characteristic property of matter. Matter can not be transformed into
energy. The observable release of energy from nuclear decay or from the annihilation
of fundamental particles is no more than the release of energy of the component parts
of the nuclei and other particles, having inside these formations more energy, than the
energy of motion of the same particles in a free state in the environment.
There are no fundamental particles with so-called null rest-mass. All of them are
photons sections of oscillations of ether of batched (quantized) energy, associated
with the structure of an atom, a nucleus or a fundamental particle.
Carriers of energy and, therefore, of interactions can only be matter. Different
mechanisms of transferring energy - mean different kinds of interactions. There are
special mechanisms of interactions at each level of the organization of matter.
So, the internal structure of fundamental particles implies interactions between units
within their composition ( they can be particles of ether). Further there are nuclear,
electromagnetic and gravitational interactions. The electromagnetic interaction
concerns charge, as the attraction and repulsion forces depend on the sign of the
charges. For the nuclear and gravitational interactions there are no charges forces.
The existence of a space lattice in the observable universe indicates a charge
interaction between galaxies. On the basis of an hypothesis in work the charge
interaction is connected with its transference by waves of matter. It is possible to
suspect, that the mechanism of transference of interaction between galaxies is also
waves of ether, the length of which should be comparable to the dimensions of
Comprehension check
Read the text again and say whether these statements are true of false.
1. Newton turned to hypothesis in his speculations about time, space and matter.
2. Space is absolute and finite.