Английский язык. Часть II. Коныгина Г.И - 3 стр.


Part II
In Part II you are going to read the text about the life of a famous person
whose name is Jane Austen.
Work in a small group. Ask your partners the following questions and give
detailed answers.
1. What is Jane Austen famous for?
2. Do you have sufficient information about Jane Austen? Would you like to
expand and enrich your knowledge?
3. What century was she born in?
4. What exactly do you know about Austens life and literary career?
5. Can you imagine the difficulties encountered by women writers in a man's
world of literature?
6. Do you think Jane Austen is a pseudonym that the writer assumed to preserve
secrecy and avoid the special treatment reviewers accorded to women?
7. Have you ever read Jane Austens books?
8. Which adjectives from the following list would you use or not use to describe
Austens novels? Why or why not? Give reasons for your answers.
alarming / amusing / plagiarized / brilliant / charming / ironic / ominous /
entertaining / gloomy / mocking / monotonous / funny / repulsive / enjoyable /
mediocre / witty / sorrowful / threatening / offensive / melancholic / satirical
predictable / exciting / mysterious / cheerful
9. Why do you think filmmakers persistently transform Jane Austens literary
world to the screen?
10. Have you ever seen film or television versions of Austens novels?
11. Do you think the screenwriters managed to catch the spirit of the original
12. Do screen versions retain the wit and verve of Austen's novels?
13. Were you delighted or disappointed with the screen adaptations of Austens
books? Why? Give reasons for your answers.
14. From your point of view, can successful film adaptations revive and increase
popular interest in the literary heritage of a writer?
15. How would you feel about these adaptations if you were Jane Austen?