Home Reading Aid on the Book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. Костенко Н.В - 13 стр.


18. to be up and about;
19. to be suicidal;
20. to leak, about batteries;
21. to be fixed up;
22. to smash smb to bits;
23. to see (not to see) the point of;
24. to smell of smth (e.g., chlorine);
25. here we go again!;
26. a common-sounding name;
27. to be inclined to do smth;
28. spotlights;
29. how about a nightcap?;
30. to pour smth down the sink;
31. to supply ones needs;
32. odd socks;
33. to pull oneself together;
34. confidential business;
35. it is up to smb to do smth;
36. to go into a sulk;
37. flared trousers;
38. the fire-doors;
39. to be under a lot of pressure;
40. to be dead cushy;
41. to have the guts to do smth;
42. to thump smbs back hard;
43. to feel (a bit) rotten;
44. to keep antisocial hours;
45. to be in a rage;
46. no sign of smth;
47. to give smb a lift;
48. to hold ones breath;
49. to bribe smb into doing smth;
50. hard luck;
51. to bear a grudge;
52. to stand smth;
53. to drive smb mad;
54. sojourn;
55. to draw to a close;
56. to do ones packing;
57. (its) better to be safe than sorry;
58. to admit defeat;
59. to teach ones grandmother to suck eggs;
60. to get a nerve (to do smth);
61. to do smth out of smth (because of);