Home Reading Aid on the Book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. Костенко Н.В - 27 стр.


2. At one point, Adrian becomes interested in radicalism and various social and
political issues (see, for example, pp. 164-173). Please discuss your
understanding of why Adrian is turning radical, what it means and whether you
can relate (and if so, how) to his sentiments on this subject.
Be ready for the final discussion of the book addressing all of the following
topics. Please select one or two topics and prepare a thorough discussion with
your desk mate:
1. The range of issues relating to growing up (specifically, being a teenager)
and the growing pains associated with that: friendship, love, sex, physical
appearance, bullying at school, having a part-time job, ambitions and
aspirations, interest in and taking positions on various social and political
2. The concept of family (including a disfunctional one, such as Adrians) and
its significance in the life and character building of an adolescent.
3. The pros and cons of diary as a style of narration, and your own attitude to
Составители : к.ф .н., доц. Нелли Васильевна Костенко,
Ирина Павловна Суслова
Редактор: Т. Д . Бунина