Home Reading Aid on the Book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. Костенко Н.В - 24 стр.


4. The Voice of Youth .
5. The mothers return.
6. The incident with the telephone bill and its consequences.
7. The episode with Adrians mothers fur coat.
8. Adrians poetic soul.
9. The episode with the key ring.
10. The preparations for X-mas and its celebration.
Make up short dialogues or conversations using the following everyday phrases:
a drink for the road; to blow smb a kiss; I cant help doing smth; to cool off; to do
press-ups; institutional food; its all right for him to talk; this has come as a complete
shock to me; toiletries; to die of thirst; to promise smth on smbs life; to send smth
care of smb/smth; to mess about smth; a lame excuse; this is the final straw; to be up
to ones ears in smth.
ASSIGNMENT 7, pp 156-175
Study the active vocabulary. Explain the meaning of words and phrases set forth
in the list below:
1. to have a massive row;
2. to be destined;
3. to work under pressure;
4. to be a nervous wreck;
5. a severe migraine;
6. to copy smbs homework;
7. to give an ultimatum;
8. to have got a sense of déjà vu;
9. to be bored stiff;
10. knik-knacks;
11. a common room;
12. to be harassed;
13. to be allergic to smth;
14. to be split asunder by smth (e.g., politics);
15. to have got a crush on smb;
16. to be in anguish;