Home Reading Aid on the Book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. Костенко Н.В - 22 стр.


21. to be covered in patches;
22. a mass murderer;
23. to bleed to death;
24. a tonsils extraction;
25. to remove the cyst;
26. to come out of the anaesthetic (anaesthesia);
27. excruciating pain;
28. to die of thirst;
29. to be dehydrated;
30. to promise smth on (smbs life);
31. the operating trolley;
32. to be devoid of smth (e.g., tonsils);
33. to hover between life and death;
34. off-duty policeman;
35. to be over the worst;
36. to be overcome with relief and emotion;
37. to singe ones eyebrows;
38. to rock smth to its foundation;
39. to be pensioned off;
40. to be devastated by the blow;
41. avant garde;
42. to send smth care of smb/smth;
43. to be in despair;
44. to drop the price to a certain sum;
45. to throw oneself on the mercy of smb;
46. to be over the moon (with joy, happiness etc);
47. a lame excuse;
48. to be tight-fisted;
49. to be not allowed out;
50. to get done for shoplifting;
51. bauble;
52. to do smth with a heavy heart;
53. to rise to become smb/smth (a headmaster);
54. to decorate the Christmas tree;
55. to be on loan;
56. to be inbred;
57. to be destined to be / to do smth;
58. to look haggard;
59. to make sense;
60. to lose ones bearings;
61. to be (in) a shambles;
62. break-in;
63. in safety;