Home Reading Aid on the Book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. Костенко Н.В - 21 стр.


1. Adrian and Pandora.
2. Adrians stay in Scotland.
3. Bert Baxter.
4. A proud start to the new term.
5. Make up a story of the childrens travel to the British Museum.
6. Render the same story in the person of Adrian Mole.
Make up short dialogues or conversations using the following everyday phrases:
to wear off; to lay a finger on smb; big deal; my protest fell on deaf ears; to be on
drugs; its absolutely fantastic; to pay off; to outgrow smth; to be on ones last legs;
to be on the news; the last of smth; to be posh.
ASSIGNMENT 6, pp 120-155
Study the active vocabulary. Explain the meaning of words and phrases set forth
in the list below. Represent the context in which this vocabulary is used:
1. to make (no) difference;
2. to do press-ups;
3. a portent of doom;
4. to deprive smb of smbs rights;
5. to outlive smb;
6. to make ones debut (as a cook);
7. a chaser;
8. a drink for the road;
9. to carry out ones parental responsibilities;
10. to be (to do) a credit to smb/smth;
11. to set an example to smb;
12. to blow smb a kiss;
13. institutional food;
14. to hobble;
15. it is all right for him to talk;
16. to come as a complete shock to smb;
17. to be on the waiting list;
18. a bout of tonsillitis;
19. midwife;
20. toiletries;