Иностранный язык: Контрольные работы по английскому языку для студентов 3 курса специальности 020700 - "История". Мартемьянова Н.В. - 20 стр.



never been to school or university but had studied privately and by the time he
was twenty was a skillful chemist and excellent linguist, speaking Swedish,
Russian, German, French and English. Like his father, Alfred Nobel was
imaginative and inventive, but had better luck in business and showed more
financial sense.
6. He was quick to see industrial openings for his scientific inventions and he
built up over eighty companies in twenty countries. Indeed, his greatness lay in his
outstanding ability to combine the qualities of an original scientist with those of a
forward looking industrialist.
7. But Nobels main concern was never with making money or even with
making scientific discoveries. Seldom happy, he was always searching for a
meaning of life, and from his youth had taken a serious interest in literature and
8. Perhaps because he could not find ordinary human love he never married
he came to care deeply about the whole of mankind. He was always generous to
the poor: Id rather take care of the stomach of the living than the glory of the
dead in the form of stone memorials, he once said. His greatest wish, however,
was to see the end to wars, and he spent much time and money working for this
cause until his death in Italy in 1896.
9. His famous will, in which he left money to provide prizes for outstanding
work in physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, literature and peace, is a
memorial to his interests and ideals. And so, the man who felt he should have died
at birth is remembered and respected long after his death.
1. The colonists had finished building their homes before winter came. The
winter was very frosty. Blinding snow fell and covered the forests. Great cakes of
ice blocked the river, and the colonists could not go to the mainland for fire
2. Soon it grew so cold that most of the French wished they had never come
there. They suffered from cold and hunger. There was nothing to eat but salt meat
and dries vegetables. Thirty-five of the seventy-nine Frenchmen died before
3. In the spring of 1605 the colonists decided to move to a Scotia. The houses
they built there were more suitable for sheltering them in any weather.
4. The settlers had plenty of time to prepare themselves for next winter.
Gardens were started. Champlain dug a trench which he filled with water. Fish
caught in the sea were put there alive and kept until needed. A ship loaded with
flour, fruit, jellies, species, and other dainties arrived from France.
5.Then Champlain thought of a kind of game to cheer the men during the long,
dreary winter. He formed the fifteen principal men in the colony into a club which
he named the Order of Mirth. The Order was to provide fun as well as good food
for the rest. Each member in turn was Grand Master for a day. It was his business
to furnish the meals for the day. Fresh meat was to form the chief part of the meal,
because Champlain new that it would keep the men from getting sick..