Иностранный язык: Контрольные работы по английскому языку для студентов 1-2 курса заочного отделения исторического факультета. Мартемьянова Н.В - 18 стр.


election of Congress does not determine who will be elected President, and the
Presidential election does not determine who will be elected to Congress.
11. People from other countries are often confused by the American system but the
Americans are proud of it.
12. Like other countries the United States changes quickly. Values and people are
changing and many people are afraid of these changes.
13. The 1950s was the last decade of calm for this country. Since that tine there
have been many changes in the country. The American population is changing. There
are now more Asian Americans and Hispanicos than ever before. Americans are getting
older and the number of senior citizens increases.
14. America is a wealthy country, but wealth is not evenly distributed. There are
homeless people, hungry children, and crime in the country. Some foreigners have the
idea that the streets are paved with gold. Hard work brings great results but
unemployment is a problem in many parts of the country. For some Americans, the
United States is not a land of opportunities.
15. American women work more now, but still do not have the same opportunities
for equal salaries and career as men. They often find that they have two jobs now:
taking care of the house and the children and working at the office.
16. Racial discrimination is illegal, but prejudice and fear of other groups still exist.
Religion is a private issue.
17. Americans worry about the same things as other people around the world, about
their children, and how their lives will be. They worry about nuclear war, international
I.2. Задайте 10 вопросов к тексту.
I.3. Подготовьте пересказ текста The USA.
II.1. Переведите в письменной форме абзацы 12 13 текста The USA и
определите видо - временные формы глаголов.
II.2. Поставьте глаголы , данные в скобках , в Present Continuous Active
Many changes (to take) place in food styles in the United States. Americans
attitude to food (to change). Health food (to become0 more popular. The traditional big
breakfast and dinner at 6 p. m. (to lose) popularity. People understand the social
importance of food. Dinner with family or friends (to become) a very special way of
enjoying and sharing.
II.3. Выберите предложение, глагол- сказуемое которого стоит в Past
Continuous Tense, и переведите это предложение на русский язык
1. The children are playing in Central Park.
2. The children were playing in Central Park when we met them.
3. Many children play in Central Park.