Иностранный язык: Контрольные работы по английскому языку для студентов 1-2 курса заочного отделения исторического факультета. Мартемьянова Н.В - 33 стр.


The Dynastic Conflict
The last son of King Philip IV(The Fair) died in 1328, and the direct male line of
the Capetians finally ended after almost 350 years. Philip had had a daughter,
however. This daughter, Isabelle, had married King Edward II of England, and King
Edward III was their son. He was therefore Philips grandson and successor in a
direct line through Philips daughter. The French could not tolerate the idea that
Edward might become King of France, and French lawyers brought up some old
Frankish laws, the so-called Salic Law, which stated that property (including the
throne) could not descend through a female. The French then gave the crown to
Philip of Valois, a nephew of Philip IV. Nevertheless, Edward III had a valid claim
to the throne of France if he wished to pursue it.
Have you ever thought that twenty-four hours isnt enough to do all you have to do?
All of us have so many duties and obligations! In addition to the daily routine at offices,
schools, hospitals, etc., we have always got some housework to do and shopping, we
have to cook the meals, keep the house clean and (last but not least) see to the children.
Its really surprising how much work some people manage to do, and quickly at that!
But it often happens that we dont have enough time to do everything, and put it off till
some other time. What do you think is the reason? Why do some people manage and
not others?
A lot depends on how you plan your daily round. If you plan your day carefully,
youll be able to do more, and itll take you less time. If you ask someone to see you at
a definite hour, for instance, the other person will also plan his time accordingly. If you
know how long you can keep your visitor, you will try not to waste his time and have
everything ready for the talk when he comes. Your visitor, in his turn, will not keep
you longer than necessary and will leave as soon as youve discussed your problem. It
doesnt mean that you will interrupt the talk before you finish the discussion. No, youll
go on discussing the matter until you settle every point. But the time limit you set
yourself will help you not to waste time and to speak to the point.
Planning the day is especially necessary for people who want to make time for
important things. Many outstanding people say that a daily timetable has helped them
greatly to achieve what they have. There are some people, however, who will say that a
daily timetable makes life dull and uninteresting. What do you think?
Answer the questions:
1) Is it true that everybody has a lot of duties and obligations?
2) What does it depend on?
3) How much time do you spend on the daily shopping?
4) How long does it take you to clean the flat and make the meals?
5) Can you say that you manage it all quickly?
6) Are you good at planning your daily round or do you find it difficult?