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Melbourne. This is not the first time North Korea has been accused of
supplementing its failing economy by trafficking drugs.
Japanese officials have repeatedly accused Pyongyang of bringing drugs
into their country. In March, Japanese coast guards discovered drugs in a fishing
boat which had travelled From North Korea.
10. Russias richest man held for fraud
A Moscow court has ordered the head of Russian oil giant Yukos, Mikhail
Khodorkovsky, to be kept in prison after he was charged with offences including
defrauding the state out of $1bn.
The move came hours after his dramatic arrest at a Siberian airport by
agents of the security police (FSB). Mr Khodorkovsky, who is believed to be
Russias richest man, was flown back to Moscow for questioning and charged
with several offences, including tax evasion and fraud.
Critics say the investigation into his company is an attempt by the Kremlin
to assert its power over business tycoons and keep them out of Russian politics.
Prosecutors argued that his detention was necessary because he had ignored a
summons for questioning on Friday. They have been investigating allegations of
tax evasion and theft of state property by Yukos executives. Yukos rejected the
prosecutors claims that Mr Khodorkovsky had ignored the summons.
Mr Khodorkovsky, who has an estimated personal fortune of $8bn, has
already been summoned and interrogated by prosecutors twice over the case.
Police first raided Yukos offices in Moscow in July, spending nearly 17 hours
searching through computer archives. Prosecutors have also searched companies
owned by Yukos, the homes of shareholders.
Many Russians say the case is politically-motivated, but President Vladimir
Putin has denied the charges. Mr Khodorkovsky, who made his fortune trough
controversial privatizations in the 1990s, has funded several political parties
opposed to the Russian president. Some analysts say he was arrested after
breaking what they say was a tacit agreement with the Kremlin to stay out of
politics in return for avoiding investigation of his financial affairs.