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A spokesman for Russian oil company Sibneft, of which Mr Abramovich
owns about half, said the tycoon had carefully considered Russian teams before
investing abroad. He looked at several Russian teams aver the last couple of
years, but there were no deals available that met his requirements, said John
Mr Abramovichs riches have breathed new life into a moribund transfer
market, with endless press speculation over which player might be next on
Ghelseas shopping list. The clubs holding company, Chelsea Village, is due to
leave Londons Alternative Investment Market on 22 August.
The Finantial Services Authority has launched an inquiry into Chelseas
shareholdings in the run-up to Mr Abramovichs takeover.
The FSA said last week it had information to suggest publicly disclosed
shareholdings in Chelsea Village might have been inaccurate and the market could
have been misled about the companys true ownership.
9. N Korea accused over drugs haul
Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has expressed concern over
North Koreas possible role in trafficking drugs to Australia.
Mr Downers comments came after an official from North Koreas ruling
Workers Party was found on board a state-owned ship accused of brining A$80m
(US$50m) worth of heroin into Australia.
Whilst we cant prove that the government made the decision to send this
ship we are concerned that instrumentalities of the government may have been
involved in this, Mr Downer said. We are concerned because the ship is Korean-
owned and its a totalitarian state, so in effect it is government-owned, he added.
Mr Downer said he had arranged a meeting with North Koreas ambassador to
Australia, Chon Jae-hong, to discuss the issue.
Australian intelligence services raided the Pong Su freighter last month, off
the countrys east coast. The Australian forces seized the heroin and arrested
approximately 30 crew members, most of whom are now awaiting trial in