Иностранный язык: Контрольные работы по английскому языку для студентов 3-4 курса специальности 030401 - "История". Мартемьянова Н.В - 31 стр.


Dr Klaus Toepfer, Uneps executive director, said: $25 million is the bare
minimum we need, the equivalent of providing a dying man with bread and water.
The great apes share more than 96% of their DNA with humans. If we lose any
great ape species we will be destroying a bridge to our own origins, and with it
part of our own humanity. Unescos director-general, Koichiro Matsuura, said:
Vreat apes form a unique bridge to the natural world. The forests they inhabit are
a vital resource for humans everywhere.
Unesco says research suggests the western chimpanzee has already
disappeared from Benin, Togo and Gambia, and could soon vanish from another
west African country, Senegal. There are only about 400 chimpanzees left there,
slightly more in Ghana, and fewer than 200 in Guinea-Bissau. The main threats to
all the apes are of human origin: war, poaching, and the live animal trade.
Encroachment into the forests is increasing, and outright forest destruction leaves
them no hiding place. Only about 600 orangutans survive in Uganda, Rwanda and
the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Samy Mancoto of Unesco said: We cannot just put up fences to try and
separate the apes from people. The apes play a key role in maintaining the health
and diversity of tropical forests, which people depend upon. They disperse seeds
throughout the forests, for example, and create light gaps in the forest canopy
which allow seedlings to grow and replenish the ecosystem.
7. Europe puts France up for reactor
The European Union has chosen France as its preferred location for a
nuclear reactor that scientists hope will revolutionise world power production.
It will cost billions to build the fusion machine which releases energy in a
similar way to the Suns furnaces. Scientists say the new reactor will be the first
such prototype to give out a lot more power than it consumes. International
partners in the immense engineering project include the US, China, Japan, Russia
and Korea.
A final decision on the siting of the International Thermonuclear
Experimental Reactor (Iter) should come in December at a meeting of officials