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Police said the 10 miners were lifted to the surface shortly after 11 a.m. All
appeared to be in relatively good condition. Some of them are walking out on
their own, Chilcote said. The body of one miner who died is also being extracted,
and another miner is still missing, officials said. The missing man had earlier
wandered away from the group.
This has real been quite an ordeal, Chilcote said. This has been a real
matter of pride and dignity for the Russian people. Rescue workers have been
laboring since Thursday to save the miners, who are some 700 meters
underground and are believed to have taken refuge from the rising, icy waters in
an air pocket. Earlier Wednesday, rescuers drilled a small hole into the mine
where they believed the miners were located. The rescuers had tunneled through
the solid rock from an adjacent mine, using explosives, drilling and digging
equipment, toward the mens presumed position. The Interfax News Agency
reported as many as 800 people were taking part in the rescue effort. As one
Russian mining crisis was nearing an end, another was unfolding on the other side
of the vast country. At least three people have been killed by an explosion in a
mine in far eastern Russia.
5. US on alert for cargo plane attack
Terrorists may be planning to hijack cargo planes overseas and crash them
into targets in America, says the authorities in Washington.
The warning has come from a single source, and is not yet corroborated, but
US officials are taking it seriously. Local and state authorities and those
responsible for safety at nuclear plants, bridges and dams have been warned of
the potential threat. It comes as US diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia were
closed following credible evidence of a threat.
The US is also warning its journalists in Afghanistan that Taleban
insurgents may be planning to kidnap them in order to put pressure on America to
release prisoners. The US intelligence community remains concerned about al-
Qaedas interest in carrying out attacks on us overseas, said Homeland Security
spokesman Brian Roehrkasse.