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As the attackers ran off an Asian van driver parked close to the jewellery
shop ran into the road in an attempt to stop them, and a pedestrian later tried to
pull one of the attackers to the ground as they drove past him.
Police are now hunting the criminals and are appealing for witnesses to the
incident in Nottinghamshire, near the junction with Easterly Road.
2. Helicopter was shot down, US says
A US Black Hawk helicopter which crashed in Iraq on Friday (7 November
2003) killing all six people on board was shot down, a senior American
commander has said.
The attack happened near Tikrit, a hotbed of resistance to US-led forces. In
response, American jets dropped bombs around the crash scene and troops raided
several Tikrit neighbourhoods. The soldiers died and another was wounded
when their armoured vehicle hit a roadside bomb.
US officials did not confirm for nearly 24 hours that the Black Hawk was
shot down, as opposed to being brought down by mechanical failure. We do
believe it was brought down by ground fire, Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Russel
told Reuters news agency on Saturday.
Hours after the crash, F16 jets dropped three bombs in the area and early on
Saturday morning troops backed by armoured vehicles swept through Tikrit,
destroying several abandoned buildings the US believes were used by insurgents.
This is to remind the town that we have teeth and claws and we will use them,
Colonel Russell said. We are targeting those areas where we have had attacks on
coalition forces. We want to eliminate those threats.
A curfew lifted for the Muslin holy month of Ramadan was also reimposed.
The downing of the Black Hawk was the third attack on a US helicopter in two
3. Blair calls for reform in Europe
Prime Minister Tony Blair has called for European countries to press ahead
with reforms to improve their competitiveness.