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Speaking to the CBI conference he said Europe risked being left behind if it
did not adapt. Mr Blair defended the governments economic record, saying that
the UK had weathered the recent economic downturn better than many other
countries. And he said that Britain should keep the option open of joining the
We need to put jobs and competitiveness right at the heart of Europes
economy. We need further reform of Europes labour markets, Mr Blair said. He
supported a new European constitution, but sought to assure business leaders that
he would fight to protect UK interests. On the matters of tax, social security and
the EU budget, we oppose any move away from unanimity, he said. Within
Europe Britain is a low-tax country and I am adamant that we will remain that
Mr Blair defended his close relations with the US, ahead of president
Bushs visit to the UK. Whatever others may say, most people know that our
alliance with America and our position in Europe gives us unparalleled purchase
on international affairs for a country our size, he said. British business is
particularly vulnerable to any tariff barriers from the US, the CBI said, since it is
so heavily involved in the market.
4. Trapped Russian miners rescued
Novoshakhtinsk In a dramatic rescue effort, 11 of 13 miners trapped for
nearly six days in a flooded coalmine in southern Russia have been brought to the
The miners, who have been without food, water, sunlight or communication
since Thursday, emerged from the mine half a mile underground wrapped in
blankets and still wearing hardhats. They were greeted with cheers from onlookers
as they passed be tearful family members and were taken by ambulance to the
The mood here is euphoric This is being looked upon as a miracle in this
small Russian town, CNNs Ryan Chilcote reported from outside the mine.