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Officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told American media on
Friday that a single source from overseas had warned of plans to seize cargo
planes. It has not yet been corroborated, said one. Were in the process of
trying to corroborate this information. We also remain concerned about threats to
the aviation industry and the use of cargo planes to carry out attacks on critical
infrastructure. Both the Homeland Security and the FBI posted an advisory to
local and state authorities, and to officials at nuclear plants, bridges and dams.
In Riyadh, the US embassy said it had credible information that terrorists
in Saudi Arabia have moved from the planning to operational phase of planned
attacks in the kingdom. The statement said: The embassy strongly urges all
American citizens in the kingdom to be especially vigilant when in any area that is
perceived to be American or Western.
US nationals in Saudi Arabia say they have been on a high state of alert
since May, when 35 people were killed in suicide attacks on a Western compound
in Riyadh. Were very much on guard, very much aware of whats going on.Im
extremely wary, David Castillo, vice-president of a telecoms company in Saudy
Arabia, told Reuters news agency.
Britain, Canada and Australia last month issued similar alerts, which
angered Saudi officials, who say they have made important strides in fighting
terror inside the country.
6. UNs clarion call for great apes
The clock now stands at one minute to midnight for the worlds four great
ape species, the United Nations says.
It is launching an appeal for $25m, the minimum it says is needed to avert
their extinction within a few decades.
All the apes gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos (pygmy chimps), and
orangutans face a very high risk of extinction within 50 years at most, the UN
says. It hopes to establish areas where ape populations can stabilize or even grow,
if it manages to raise enough money.