Banks and Money, Automobiles and Roads, Industry in Africa, Two Courses of Action. Агафонова И.Г. - 5 стр.



brought his (полноценные и неполноценные) coins to the bank. 4. The bank (взве -
шивать) them. 5. The weight of the (чистый) metal was then credited the merchants
account. 6. Then came the second Amsterdam discovery. 7. The deposits could (да-
вать взаймы ). 8. Thus spendable money (создавать). 9. Every monetary reform car-
ries some new (злоупотребление). 9. So it was (здесь ). 10. One of the important
(заемщики ) from the bank was the East India Company. 11. In the eighteenth cen-
tury the East India Company (переживать тяжелые времена). 12. (Вкладчики )
started coming, and they couldnt be paid.
X. Summarize in 10 sentences the contents of Text 2.
XI. Translate into Russian the third and fourth paragraphs of Text 1.
XII. In several sentences describe the operations of the Bank of England. The fol-
lowing words and expressions will help you:
1. the Bank of England, to be, the Central Bank of the UK; 2. it, to be divided, an Is-
sue Department, a Banking Department; 3. the Issue Department, to be responsible,
issuing banknotes; 4. the Issue Department, to purchase, financial securities (bills and
bonds issued by the government, commercial firms, or local authorities); 5. high
powered money, to be exchanged, financial securities; 6. the operation, to be called,
an open market operation; 7. the Banking Department, to act, banker to the commer-
cial banks and to the government; 8. public deposits and bankers deposits, to be, de-
posits by the government and the commercial banking system; 9. assets, to be, gov-
ernment securities and advances; 10. advances, to be, loans to the banks; 11. ad-
vances, to be issued, through financial intermediaries (called Discount Houses);
12. other assets, to be, securities (issued by private firms or local authorities); 13. the
activities of the Issue Department and the Banking Department, to be carefully coor-
dinated; 14. there + to be no possibility, that, the Bank, can go bankrupt.
Pre-reading task
I. Show why the following statements are incorrect.