Banks and Money, Automobiles and Roads, Industry in Africa, Two Courses of Action. Агафонова И.Г. - 20 стр.



1. Interrelations between man and the biosphere are (сложный). 2. Man depends for
his life on what the biosphere (обеспечивать): water, oxygen, food and shelter. 3. On
the other hand, the biosphere is affected by human (деятельность). 4. Technology
powerfully (расширять) the effects of human beings on the atmosphere. 5. (Доисто-
рический) man with drew from the atmosphere only the oxygen for respiration. 6.
Technological man (потреблять) a far greater amount of oxygen. 7. The carbon diox-
ide (производить) by technological processes. 8. Technology (вводить) into bio-
sphere new substances. 9. The problem of the environment crisis (принимать) global
proportions. 10. Life on our planet may be (безвозвратно ) damaged.
XI. Summarize in 8 sentences the contents of Text 2.
XII. Translate into Russian the second paragraph of Text 1 (in writing).
XIII. Speak about natural indicators of pollution. The following words will help you.
1. pollution, should be assessed; 2. a large number of pollution gauges, to be devised;
3. there + to be, a number of natural gauges; 4. they, to be, lichens and bryophytes;
5. they, to be sensitive, certain components of air pollution; 6. such indicators,
should be widespread; 7. lichens, to be sensitive to sulphur dioxide content in the
airs; 8. people, would do well, to live in an area, lichens, to be abundant on the trees.