Banks and Money, Automobiles and Roads, Industry in Africa, Two Courses of Action. Агафонова И.Г. - 19 стр.



withdraw, the oxygen, he, to require; 6. technological man, to consume, a greater
amount; 7. they, to produce, carbon dioxide, to alter, the concentration; 8. technology,
to introduce, substances; 9. they, to be, radio-isotopes, synthetic materials; 10. the
problem, to discuss, conferences; 11. little, to be done, to check; 12. the problem, to
assume, proportions; 13. life, to be damaged; 14. it, to be destroyed; 15. the conflict,
to underlie, manifestations; 16. there + exist, undoubtedly; 17. the principles, society,
ecology, to be incompatible; 18. industry, to expand; 19. ecological systems, to tend,
stability; 20. courses of action, to be possible; 21. the first course, to be; 22. this pos-
sibility, to be; 23. the second course, to be, to create; 24. it, to be the only path.
IX. Make the following sentences into questions.
Example: Interrelations between man and the biosphere are complex.
What interrelations are complex?
1. Man depends for his life on what the biosphere provides: water, oxygen, food and
What does man …………….?
2. Technology amplifies the effects of human beings on the biosphere.
What does technology …….?
3. Technological man consumes a greater amount of oxygen for technological proc-
How much oxygen does technological man ……………?
4. Life on our planet may be irrevocably damaged.
How may life on our planet ……?
5. Two general courses of action are possible to avert the environmental doom.
How many courses of action are ………………?
6. Prehistoric man withdrew from the atmosphere only the oxygen he required for
When did prehistoric man ………………?
X. Replace the Russian words and expressions with their English equivalents.