Banks and Money, Automobiles and Roads, Industry in Africa, Two Courses of Action. Агафонова И.Г. - 17 стр.



Industry is bound to expand continuously, all ecological systems tend toward
stability and equilibrium.
There seems to be at least two general courses of action which might be
adopted in order that the environmental doom may be averted.
One would be to curb the dynamics of industrial development; the other to
turn technology to the construction of physiologically and socially healthy environ-
ment. The former possibility being highly unrealistic, the latter one seems to be the
only path to follow.
III. Answer the questions.
1. What cooperation is necessary to solve our mutual problems?
2. Why is it unrealistic to reach zero economic growth?
3. What antipollution measures are possible?
IV. Check up the pronunciation of unfamiliar words in a dictionary and read text 2
Two Courses of Action (Text 2)
1. Interrelations between man and the biosphere are complex. 2. Man depends
for his life on what the biosphere provides: water, oxygen, food and shelter. 3. On the
other hand, the biosphere is strongly affected by human activity.
4. Technology amplifies the effects of human beings on the biosphere. 5. Pre-
historic man withdrew from the atmosphere only the oxygen he required for respira-
tion. 6. Technological man consumes a greater amount of oxygen for technological
processes. 7. They produce carbon dioxide and alter the carbon dioxide concentration
in the atmosphere. 8. Technology has introduced into the biosphere new substances.
9. They are man-made radioisotopes, synthetic materials and numerous industrial ma-
10. The problem has been discussed at a large number of conferences.
11. However, little has been done to check environmental pollution.
12. The problem of the environment crisis has assumed global proportions.
13. Life on our planet may be irrevocably damaged. 14. It may be destroyed alto-
gether. 15. The fundamental conflict underlies the surface manifestations of the cri-