Banks and Money, Automobiles and Roads, Industry in Africa, Two Courses of Action. Агафонова И.Г. - 15 стр.



a) industry; b) drought, hunger, diseases; c) with a massive displacement; d) its de-
velopment; e) about 8 per cent; f) 12 times less; g) only one per cent; h) in mining
and manufacturing.
X. Replace the Russian words and expressions with their English equivalents.
1. Industry does not play (главная ) role in the economy of Africa. 2. (Засуха ), hun-
ger, diseases are characteristic of it. 3. Africa in 1960 (составлять) about 8 per cent
of the worlds population. 4. Africa (владеть) 28 per cent of the estimated world
electric power potential. 5. It is possible to classify its (отрасли промышленности)
into ten industrial groupings. 6. The number of industries (разниться ) from 115 in
the UAR to 3 in Mauritania. 7. Nearly all African countries (создавать) the following
industries: flour milling, beer and beverages, clothing, boots and shoes, etc. 8. These
are typical (импортозамещающие) industries. 9. (Ряд) of food industries is great.
XI. Summarize in 8 sentences the contents of Text 2.
XII. Translate the second paragraph of Text 1.
XIII. In several sentences describe the problem of aid to LDCs. The following words
and expressions will help you:
1. The poor south, to think, the rich north, should provide, more aid; 2. such aid, to
take many forms (subsidized loans, outright gifts of food and machinery, technical
help, the free provision of expert advisers); 3. the basic issue, to be, a moral or value
judgement about equality; 4. within a country, the government, to make transfer
payments to the poor; 5. they, to be financed by taxes on the rich; 6. otherwise, the
income distribution, to be unfair and inequitable; 7. the same value judgement, to lie
at the heart of aid, between countries; 8. within a country, the government, should be
concerned, all its citizens; 9. but, there + not to be, the single government of the
world; 10. governments of individual countries, may feel much less responsibility, for
the welfare of people of a different nationality; 11. according to many people of the
south, the prosperity of the north, to be established, during a colonial period; 12. then,
the resources of the south, to be exploited; 13. aid, to seem, at least, partial compen-