Английский язык. Учебное пособие. Бабушкин А.П - 14 стр.


III. Explain the following pairs of words.
(For the answers, see page 23).
1. case backlogs 2. case – work 3. case – book
4. case – history 5. case – law 6. case – load.
IV. Complete the following text with the words from the “word bank”.
Word Bank
a) maintain
d) Lobbying
g) officials
b) represent
e) improper
h) efforts
c) lobbyists
f) occur
i) the voice
The political process does not stop after an election. Many organizations with
special interests (a) ________ paid representatives in the national and state capitals.
They are called (b) ________ who try to influence government policy in favor of the
(c) ________ . (D) ________ is part of the American political system. There
sometimes (e) ________ abuses in (f) ________ practices when lobbyists use (g)
________ methods in their (h) ________ to influence government legislation to do
away with abuses but it is not particularly effective. As it is, lobbying is a means of
getting across the voice of different groups of population to the government bodies.
I. Agree or disagree.
1. The Americans call themselves a nation of laws. This governs Americans’
everyday activities.
2. The structure of the court system in the United States guarantees proper
observance of laws.
3. Abraham Lincoln was known for his honesty. His nickname, in fact, was “Honest
Abe”. Honesty is an important quality in a leader, politician and a judge.
Unit IV
Court Jurisdiction
Text A
The presence of many state and federal courts provides numerous locations to
which citizens can bring cases, but selecting the proper court requires sorting out the
jurisdiction of the many different ones. The decision about which court to use is not
automatic. The federal system is not very complex, since there is only one district
court in each district and, with few exceptions, the jurisdiction of all district courts is