Английский язык. Учебное пособие. Бабушкин А.П - 13 стр.


Sean the texts for answers to the following questions.
1. What does judicial administration include?
2. Why are most definitions of judicial administration described as “reformist”?
3. What were the federal courts supervised by until 1934?
4. Was direct supervision from Washington possible?
5. Why were judges generally dissatisfied with the justice Department?
6. What changes in federal judicial administration took place after the great
depression of the 1930s?
7. What was President Roosevelt’s plan aimed at?
8. What was the proposal of federal judges and national leaders in court reform like?
9. What is the main national decision-making organization like?
10. What kind of topics does it deal with?
11. What sort of the national agency is the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts?
12. In what way does the Administrative Office develop a “lobbying effort”?
13. What does the “Federal Judicial Centre” deal with?
Vocabulary Study
I. Match the words from the texts in column A with the corresponding words in
column B.
1. internal
2. confusion
3. presumably
4. mainstream
5. cut
6. goal
7. equate
8. watchword
9. current
10. imply
11. former
12. retain
13. efficient
1. disorder
2. aim
3. treat (one thing as being equal)
4. I suppose
5. generally accepted; of the present time
6. make a suggestion
7. producing a desired result
8. maintain
9. reduction
10. password
11. domestic
12. tendency
13. of an earlier period
II. Look up the following words in the English-English dictionary and write out the
principal meanings and derivatives.
1. assumption 2. tenure 3. supervision 4. expenditures 5. inequality 6. resent 7.
resist 8. unresponsive 9. appropriation 10. bar 11. shift 12. accomplish 13.
loosely 14. compliance 15. probation 16. advisory