Home Reading Aid on the Book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. Костенко Н.В - 17 стр.


7. pop-eyed;
8. to give someone a lecture on;
9. to victimize;
10. to ask smb in;
11. to set up (a committee);
12. to be in the wash;
13. to take a firm stand;
14. to do a crossword;
15. cant help doing smth;
16. to be over the moon with joy;
17. to be delirious;
18. to have a (big) lump in ones throat;
19. my eyes were watering;
20. to make sense;
21. to be in intensive care;
22. trinity;
23. to give way to smb/smth;
24. to be madly in love with;
25. to be on ones death bed;
26. to exchange a kiss;
27. to be sick to death of smth/smb;
28. to return smbs love;
29. heart-searching;
30. to be close to despair;
31. to be all the hazy blur;
32. to last out;
33. to have a relapse;
34. my lips are still cracked;
35. to take smbs temperature;
36. to be discharged;
37. to long for smth/smb;
38. to put a dog into kennels;
39. a Get Well card from ;
40. a period of convalescence;
41. a truant officer;
42. to catch smb. doing smth;
43. to put smbs names down for smth;
44. there is no point in doing smth;
45. to sign oneself out;
46. to go up the wall;
47. school breaks up;
48. smth is anybodys guess;
49. hangover;
50. to be touching;