Иностранный язык: Контрольные работы по английскому языку для студентов 4 курса специальности 020700 - "История". Мартемьянова Н.В. - 6 стр.



settle abroad. It (to lead) to the creation of numerous English colonies in the
seventeenth century.
7. Change the following sentences to passive.
The discovery of America placed England at the centre of the worlds trade routes.
Soon England dominated these routes. She followed two policies. She encouraged
English sailors to attack Spanish ships. She encouraged English traders to settle
abroad. They founded the first English settlement in Virginia. Raleigh named the
place after Queen Elizabeth. Raleigh brought tobacco to England.
8. Write questions to these answers.
1. It was Henry Tudor who did both.
2. Trade is better than war.
3. Because he realized the importance of international trade.
4. Because they also wanted peace and prosperity.
5. He wanted to control the Church and its wealth.
6. It enabled the English to dominate the sea trade routes.
7. It was trade.
8. She established a number of trade companies.
9. Summarize the text according to the following suggestions.
1. England is tired of endless war.
2. Henry VII Tudor and his new monarchy.
3. His home policy: law and order; cooperation with classes interested in peace
and prosperity.
4. His foreign policy: trade instead of war.
5. Henry VIII: separation from Rome economic and political reasons.
6. Under Elizabeth I England becomes a great trading power.
7. A great sea power.
8. A new trend in her foreign policy.
1. Read the text. Look up new words in the vocabulary.
The New Wealthy Classes
Britain had always been famous for its wool, much of it was exported. In order to
improve the manufacture of woollen cloth, William I encouraged Flemish