Banks and Money, Automobiles and Roads, Industry in Africa, Two Courses of Action. Агафонова И.Г. - 10 стр.



lorries. 6. The government (принять от другого ) the motor industry. 7. By the end of
World War II the motor industry was virtually (несуществующий). 8. In 1955 the
Japanese (машиностроение) absorbed billions in American military orders. 9. West-
ern Europe (покупать) 1.1 million Japanese cars. 10. All in all, exports (составлять)
7 million cars. 11. Japans motor miracle has its (объяснение). 12. The Japanese
(предлагать) a whole range of cheap and economical cars.
XI. Summarize in 10 sentences the contents of Text 1.
XII. Translate into Russian the last paragraph of Text 1.
XIII. In several sentences describe the role of cars in changing the mode of life of the
Japanese. The following words will help you:
1. the capital, to have its highway; 2. the significance of the highway, to be hard
to overestimate; 3. several lines of the Tokyo highway, to fan out into national high-
speed roads; 4. you, to get a card marking your entry a high-speed road; 5. the card,
to entitle you to use the road, the roadside cafes, canteens, filling stations, emergency
telephones; 6. the majority of Japanese drivers, to be polite, civil and disciplined peo-
ple; 7. mutual politeness and help, to be particularly valuable, critical moments;
8. good manners, to apply, for example, when, two streams of cars, to meet;
9. a queue, to be established, at once; 10. cars from two streams, to pass one by one.
Pre-reading task
I. Answer the following questions.
1. What do you know about industrial structure in Africa?
2. What two countries are in the group of most developed countries?
II. Read Text 1.
Industry in Africa (Text 1)
Industry doesnt play the primary role in the economy of Africa. Furthermore
the situation has not significantly changed in more than a decade. Drought and deser-
tification, famine and hunger, diseases and the death of both human beings and live-
stock, coupled with a massive displacement of population from drought-affected re-