Инфинитив, причастие, герундий. Антонишкис А.А - 12 стр.


A steam generator includes a series of heat exchangers comprising tubes.
The water heated in the reactor is delivered into the heat exchanger tubes. The
water to be converted into steam flows outside these tubes. The steam produced
is fed into the turbogenerator.
Atomic power plants have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Their
reactors and steam generators operate noiselessly; the atmosphere is not polluted
by dust and smoke. As to the fuel combustion, it is of no special importance and
there is no problem of fuel transportation.
The disadvantage of power plants utilizing nuclear fuel is their radiation.
Radioactive radiation produced in the reactors is dangerous for attending
personnel. Therefore, the reactors and steam generators are installed
underground. All their controls are operated by means of automatic devices.
These measures serve to protect people from radioactive radiation.
But still there were some accidents at Chernobyl Atom Power Station in
Ukraine. The radioactive radiation spread over a vast territory.
1) Activate and paraphrase the following words: uranium, circulation,
exchanger, dust, smoke, radiation, nuclear, to circulate, to pollute, to cool,
to comprise, to deliver, advantage, disadvantage. Make sentences to show
how these words work.
2) Find examples of infinitive forms in the text.
3) Answer the questions:
1. What are atomic power plants?
2. Is nuclear fuel widely used nowadays?
3. Do atomic power plants pollute the air?
4. What are the advantages of atomic power stations?
5. What are the main disadvantages of atomic power plants?
4) Summarise the article.
5) Read the following passage from a newspaper and then make notes to
write a message to support or reject the idea put forward in the article.
Discuss your points in small groups.
Next week the government will discuss plans to build an atomic power
station in your region. The work will take seven years, and will cost five
billion pounds. The power station will replace the water and coal power
systems now in use. The plan will also bring 2000 new jobs to the area.
However, many local people might not like the idea of having a power
station near them as they are worried about the safety standards.
Translate the following sentences and pay attention to the infinitive forms.
What is the role of infinitive in each sentence?