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Lighting is known to have frequently destroyed wooden buildings.
Как известно , молния часто разрушала деревянные строения .
Pre-reading task
You are going to read an article about electric power plant operation.
What sources of energy are in use nowadays? How is electric energy generated?
Investigate the problem. Mind your grammar and try to make use of infinitive
forms and such structures as in order to, so as to, too to, (not) enough to,
there is (are), allow, permit, enable to + infinitive. Report the information
available to your group-mates using is(are) said, reported, considered, known,
Text I.
Electric power plants are used to generate power. The main unit of an
electric power plan comprises a prime mover and the generator to rotate it.
In order to actuate the prime mover energy is required. Many different
sources of energy are in use nowadays. These sources are heat obtained by
burning of fuels, pressure due to the flow of air (wind), solar heat, etc.
According to the kind of energy used by the prime mover, power plants
are divided into groups. Thermal, hydraulic (water-power) and wind plants form
these groups. According to the kind of prime mover, electric power plants are
classed as:
a) Steam turbine plants, where steam turbines serve as prime movers. The
main generating units at steam turbine plants belong to the modern, high-
capacity class of power plants.
b) Steam engine plants, in which the prime mover is a piston-type steam
Nowadays no large generating plants of industrial importance are
constructed with such prime movers. They are used only to support local
power needs.
c) Diesel-engine plants; in them diesel internal combustion engines are
installed. These plants are also of small capacity, they are employed for
local power supply.
d) Hydroelectric power plants employ water turbines as prime movers.
Therefore they are called hydroturbine plants. Their main generating unit
is the hydrogenerator.
Modern wind-electric power plants utilize various turbines; these plants as
well as the small capacity hydroelectric power plants are widely used in