Инфинитив, причастие, герундий. Антонишкис А.А - 13 стр.


1. All the mans information in the field of electricity is known to have been
obtained during the last 400 years or so.
2. A steam power station is known to consist of four main components.
3. The Earth is assumed to have zero potential.
4. A magnet appears to have its magnetism concentrated at two points
termed the poles.
5. Our country is known to have put the first atomic power station into
operation in 1954.
6. Several atomic power stations are supposed to be built in our country
within the next few years.
7. Four atomic power stations are assumed to be built for experimental
8. The improvement of the technological process is supposed to ensure
lower cost of power.
9. Long transmission lines are known to be necessary for the transfer of
electric energy over long distances.
10. Some types of reactors are known to produce more nuclear fuel during
their operation than they consume.
Rearrange the sentences to use Subjunctive Infinitive as shown in the
It is known that the construction of some new atomic power stations has
already begun.
The construction of some new atomic power stations is known to have
already begun.
1. It is expected that nuclear fuel will be used more extensively for the
development of power industry.
2. It is reported that new types of reactors have been designed.
3. It is found that the cost of power for an atomic power station is
somewhat higher than for a coal-fed station.
4. It is said that the capacity of atomic power stations in our country will
range from 2 to 2.5 million kilowatt.
5. It is assumed that the reactors will be fed by a mixture of natural and
enriched uranium.
Translate into English using Subjunctive Infinitive
1. Известно , что атомные станции потребляют незначительное
количество топлива .
2. Предполагается , что на атомных станциях будут использованы
разнообразные типы реакторов.
3. Известно , что быстро развивающаяся промышленность требует все
большего количества энергии.