Английский язык. Громовая И.И - 54 стр.


So the means of specifying the instructions and their sequencing was called
the “programming language”.
Then Alec guessed that machine language was in reality a programming
language and David said that his friend was quite right. He only emphasized
that it was the lowest level programming language, the language of binary 1’s
and 0’s. Alec remembered that computer hardware understood only a binary
program but he wanted if there were any drawbacks to machine level coding.
David answered that the drawbacks were numerous. The most inconvenient
thing about the machine level coding was that it took a long time to learn, write
and debug. He added that errors would very likely occur and the most unpleasant
thing was that corrections were difficult to make.
When Alec asked why Davis replied that the language itself was abstract
and perhaps Assembly Language was easier in use. Alec thanked his friend
and said he would have to go to the library and read some manual on
programming languages.
9. Сгруппируйте предложения в зависимости от функции герун-
дия, а затем переведите на русский язык.
1. Casting is a process of forming metal objects. 2. Numerous methods
have been developed for producing metal castings. 3. The test needed increasing
the temperature of the metal. 4. There are some ways of obtaining high quality
alloys. 5. Aluminum has a melting point of 658. 7 °C. 6. Melting may be done
in cupolas, air furnaces, electric furnaces, etc. 7. Some metals require treatment
before being placed in the melting furnace. 8. We know of electric furnaces
being used for the production of high-grade castings. 9. Plastics are a new
group of materials replacing natural products. 10. We know of metallurgical
industry having made a great progress.
10. Перепишите предложения. Переведите группы выделенных
слов, а затем и все предложение на русский язык.
1. In building new metallurgical factories, engineers have to solve many different
problems. 2. In melting steel, electric furnaces, crucible furnaces and converters
are used. 3. Liquids and gases expand on heating. 4. On completing the construction,
the machine was tested in operation. 5. Casting is a process of forming metal
objects by melting metal and pouring it into molds. 6. By introducing new methods
the engineers increased the speed of manufacture. 7. High-quality programs can’t
be produced without employing qualified programmers. 8. Magnets made by
rubbing pieces of iron against natural magnets are called artificial magnets. 9.
Scientists succeeded in developing means of obtaining a synthetic rubber. 10.
The hardening process consists in heating steel and cooling it in water.