Home Reading Aid on the Book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. Костенко Н.В - 10 стр.


17. search party;
18. a scum;
19. to dabble ;
20. to raise wages by ( a certain sum);
21. to decline the offer;
22. to get mad with rage;
23. a social worker;
24. to boss smb around;
25. the worm has turned;
26. to soak burnt saucepans;
27. to be allergic to smth;
28. an emergency case;
29. to come before smb/smth (Her child should come before her job);
30. adolescent;
31. a second opinion (usually, of a doctor);
32. to lose ones temper;
33. to thrash;
34. to take custody of;
35. to go to pot (My skin has gone to pot);
36. to take ones mind off ones troubles;
37. a choked-up voice;
38. to be good at smth;
39. to be the laughing stock;
40. to make a good job of smth;
41. to put smth up for sale;
42. to cry into ones pillow;
43. to wander the world having experiences;
44. a semi-detached house;
45. for Gods sake;
46. Domestic Science (lesson);
47. to do baked potatoes with cheese filling;
48. old peoples home;
49. to be not born yesterday;
50. to be freezing cold;
51. a rear light (about a car);
52. to be in awe of smb;
53. to do smb good;
54. to be heart-broken;
55. you never know;
56. to be in two minds;
57. a single- parent family.