Home Reading Aid on the Book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. Костенко Н.В - 9 стр.


Select a couple of descriptions (e.g., of a place, person, street etc.), learn them by
heart and recite in class.
Study the active vocabulary with reference to the main characters. Dwell upon
the most distinct ones and represent the context in which they are used.
Make up short dialogues or conversations using the following everyday phrases:
down the drain; lack of smth; to serve smb right; smth is wasted on smb; to be into
punk; I dont see the point of (in); to be well nourished; thats so much for smth; to
be as sick as a parrot; a latchkey kid; to put ones foot down; Im no stranger to
squalor; for the good of smth; to give smb a lecture; to set an example; to be a spend-
thrift; it doesnt count.
ASSIGNMENT 2, pp 35-56
Study the active vocabulary. Explain the meaning of words and phrases set
forth in the list below:
1. to be dead mad at smb;
2. to do smth on ones own;
3. to look forward to doing smth;
4. to blame smb on smth;
5. a home help;
6. for a change;
7. to do a menial job;
8. to go (to get) a paper-round;
9. slave labour;
10. to be caught shoplifting;
11. the rear window of the car;
12. to gloat;
13. a stick-on waving hand (in a car);
14. to make a fuss;
15. to test- drive the car;
16. to need feeding-up;