Home Reading Aid on the Book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. Костенко Н.В - 8 стр.


(b) Search for abbreviations used in this portion of the text. Try to explain
them as well.
Study the following phrasal verbs. Explain their meaning relying on the context
in which they are used and use them in your own speech:
to laze about; to come round; to lock smb up; to cut up; to carry on; to drop smb off;
to wave back; to knock smth over; to get over smth; to go out; to cut off; to turn (the
volume) up/down; to pack in; to clear off; to show off.
Give synonyms to the following words and phrases relying on the active
to feel sore; to get crazy; to be likely to do smth; to catch the flu; to feel a strong
sense of dislike and disapproval at smth; to retort; smth is sure to happen or to be
done; to quarrel (2); to fall ill; to defame; to beat smb up; to spoil smb; to make a
cigarette (cigar, pipe) start burning; to have a cheek to do smth; a skirt with opening;
in a nasty voice.
Give Russian equivalents to the following:
to do ones back-stretching exercises; a felt-tip pen; television series; to set (about the
concrete); the old people were shared out; to clog up the drain hose of the washing-
machine; to go rusty (about hedge-clippers).
The author makes use of certain lexical units to intensify the meaning of the
statements made. What are these lexical units like?
Look for words and phrases that relate to (1) dogs and (2) doors.