Home Reading Aid on the Book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. Костенко Н.В - 6 стр.


36. to appreciate small attentions;
37. to tell a lie;
38. to keep doing smth;
39. if this carries on;
40. to take the hint;
41. to be bound to do smth;
42. to make an appointment;
43. to set (about concrete);
44. to go to the doctors about smth;
45. a GP doctor;
46. to be well nourished;
47. thats so much for smth;
48. to be as sick as a parrot;
49. and stuff like that;
50. to choke on smth;
51. a latchkey kid;
52. at Christmas;
53. to get a divorce;
54. to commit libel;
55. to have an interview for a job;
56. to put ones foot down;
57. to turn out smb/smth (to be smb/smth);
58. to have bad moods/to be in a bad mood;
59. to go out with smb;
60. to give smb a lift;
61. to stroke ones hair;
62. at smbs disposal;
63. to get over a shock;
64. to be ill with ;
65. for the good of smth.
PART II, pp 24-35
66. every now and then;
67. to be no stranger to smth (e.g., squalor);
68. to take to bed;
69. to namby-pamby smb;
70. a note to excuse smb from smth (e.g., games);
71. leftovers;
72. hedge-clippers;
73. to go rusty;
74. to give smb. a lecture on smth;
75. to make ends meet;
76. to be in a temper;