Home Reading Aid on the Book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. Костенко Н.В - 7 стр.


77. to pop out ones eyes;
78. to be too upset to notice smb.;
79. to set an example;
80. to look a scruff-bag;
81. to light up a cigarette;
82. to be in charge of smb. or smth;
83. to have ones ears pierced;
84. to have the nerve to do smth;
85. to have ones electricity cut off;
86. to be forced to do smth;
87. to be a spendthrift;
88. to make a profit of (a certain sum);
89. a removal lorry;
90. to come down (about trouser turn-ups);
91. to be a complete shock to smb;
92. to be freezing cold;
93. to go a bit senile;
94. to have ones hands full;
95. the airing cupboard;
96. to go all red;
97. a split skirt;
98. it doesnt count;
99. to blow bubblegum in ones ears;
100.to go for a walk to settle ones dinners;
101.to set foot in somewhere;
102.to hold smb upside down;
103.to bang smb hard so that the bone falls out;
105.to make out smth;
106.to do ones washing up;
108.a frog writer;
109.to take (no) notice of smb/smth;
110.to nick money off smb.
NOTE: With respect to all of the following tasks, please complete them, first, in
relation to the vocabulary set forth in Part I of Assignment 1, and second, in
relation to the vocabulary in Part II of Assignment 1, respectively.
(a) Search for allusions in the text to different notions, people, things. Try to
explain them.