Иностранный язык: Контрольные работы по английскому языку для студентов 1-2 курса заочного отделения исторического факультета. Мартемьянова Н.В - 26 стр.


This argument is not hold water.
4 Words and phrases for an essay:
That is to say/ in other words that is
Indeed specifically/ in particular
Strictly speaking to put it simple
The main point here is that for example/ for instance
Therefore/ consequently thus/ so
Hence as a result
It appears that evidently
Undoubtedly beyond any doubt
5 Words and phrases to generalize:
on the whole/ in general/ overall by and large
broadly speaking to some extent
in any case by all accounts
in a word in this respect
in sum/ in the final analysis/ in conclusion
to draw a conclusion
6 Words and phrases to make references:
as far as is concerned according to
in ones point of view/ opinion in ones eyes
Тексты для реферирования .
1. Russia vows to battle the pirates
Chaos and lawlessness characterize Russias approach to intellectual property and
Russias future economic growth depends on improving copyright enforcement. Abuse
of intellectual property is rampant in Russia: 80% of videos and 85% of music on the
Russian market are pirated. Sales of pirated products in Russia are worth some $1bn a
But government efforts have had little impact on the industry, which is one of the
main sources of income for organized crime.
Russian piracy is highly efficient: top-quality copies of the latest Hollywood films
are available on the streets of Moscow for a couple of dollars, often long before their
release in the US.(587)
2. US cigarettes higher cancer risk
Cigarettes made by the US company Marlboro contain a significantly higher level
of a cancer causing chemical than most other foreign brands US scientists say.