Иностранный язык: Контрольные работы по английскому языку для студентов 1-2 курса заочного отделения исторического факультета. Мартемьянова Н.В - 27 стр.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta compared the level of
the carcinogen nitrosamine in Marlboro cigarettes with local brands in 13 other
countries, including Japan and Germany.
It found that in 11 of the countries, the local brands had much lower levels of the
chemical than Marlboro cigarettes, in some cases less than half the amount. CDC
officials said that the higher levels were the result of the way tobacco in US cigarettes is
cured and blended.(559)
3. Foreigners perish in Moscow blaze
On November 24, 2003 a night-time fire engulfed a Moscow hostel, killing 36
students and injuring at least 170 most of them from developing world.
The fire broke out at about 2 a.m. in two rooms on the first floor and spread
rapidly to the rest of the building. Many were hurt when they jumped from the windows
of the five-storey hostel as flames rose from the first floor.
One witness said that there were no security arrangements and no fire
extinguishers in the building. The building lacked an alarm system and an evacuation
plan. The casualties include students from across the globe, from Ethiopia to Ecuador.
Moscows mayor said the fire seemed to have been sparked by a short circuit.(600)
4. The sick beaches of Asia
South East Asias beaches are one of its biggest tourist draws, offering visitors the
chance to experience a tropical paradise. But some of the regions beaches are so
contaminated by bacteria from sewage that they are a serious health risk.
Any area where cities or towns pump waste into the sea posed potential problems.
The diseases which can result from exposure to sewage are at best unpleasant and at
worst, in some rare cases, fatal.
Beach pollution is usually a result of poor infrastructure either sewage pipes do
not run far enough out to sea, or the waste is not properly treated.
But the costly overhaul of sewage systems is not the only way of preventing
contamination. Statistics show that beach pollution is much higher after heavy rainfall,
because rivers and sewage tanks overflow. Health campaigners therefore advise people
not to swim in the sea after periods of rainfall.(764).
5. Russia jumps on Chinese poachers
Chinese frog poachers are giving the border guards in Russias Far East a
headache. As many as 15 poachers have been caught red-handed by Russian border
guards in the past week alone. Frog meat is highly prized in China as a delicacy, and
frog fat is used in traditional Chinese medicine. The poachers can sell a sackful of the
Russian frogs for hundreds of dollars per kilo.
The methods used to catch the animals range from the ingenious to the outright
destructive. The poachers pour strong herbicides into whole stretchers of river and
simply harvest the dead frogs afterwards. But the poison also kills fish and other water
creatures, as well as contaminating drinking water supplies. (601)