Иностранный язык: Контрольные работы по английскому языку для студентов 1-2 курса заочного отделения исторического факультета. Мартемьянова Н.В - 29 стр.


this country Helluland, the land of flat stones. Going farther south along the coast,
Leif saw a land of forests and named it Markland, the forest land.At a place still
further south some of his men went ashore. They returned with bunches of grapes. Leif
called the grape country Vineland. Helluland was probably Labrador; Markland, Nova
scotia; and Vineland may have been Massachusettes.
5. A few years later some Norsemen liked Vineland so well that they built a small
village there. They traded with aboriginal Americans used to come to their village. One
day a bull belonging to the white men broke loose and frightened the Indians away. A
great number of them returned in a few weeks. They waved their cubs angrily at the
Norsemen and began to throw stones. Two Norsemen were killed by the Indians.
Fearing more trouble from the Indians, the Norsemen left Vineland. They came to
America no more.
6. The story of these voyages was told and retold by the Vikings in Iceland. These
explorers did not know that they had found a new continent. Nothing ever came of their
discovery. Columbus owed nothing to it. It is doubtful whether he ever heard of these
early voyages. At any rate, they did not help him in his plans.
7. Columbus is rightly called the discover of America. After he pointed the way,
thousands of people followed his lead and came to the New World to explore and settle
1. At first, the passengers enjoyed good weather at sea. But soon, strong winds and
fierce storms developed. Our ship, the Mayflower began to shake and leak. Finally, one
of the main beams broke. Some of the passengers and sailors were afraid that the ship
could not cross the ocean. They wanted to return to England, but others felt confident.
2. In some of these storms, the winds were so violent and the waves were so high
that all the sails were lowered. So for several days, the ship drifted across the ocean. But
finally, after a long struggle with the sea, the Mayflower came to that land called Cape
Cod. What joy the pilgrims had when they realized where they were.
3. They had a meeting with the ships commander, and decided to sail southward
along the coast. Their plan was to settle somewhere near the Hudson River. But after
about half a day, they realized that this was impossible. They could not sail over the
dangerous sandbars and roaring waves around the Cape. So the sailors turned the
Mayflower around, and returned to the safety Cape Cod Harbor.
4. As soon as they reached the harbor, the Pilgrims thanked God for bringing them
across such a huge furious ocean. But their situation was still hopeless. There were no
towns nor even any houses where they could find help. The only people waiting for
them were the natives with their arrows. The season was winter in this strange land was
severe and violent.
5. In these difficult early days, some members of the group began to criticize and
complain. But these problems were soon solved by their governor, John carver. He
always carried out his duties with wisdom. Patience, and firmness.
6. The most tragic fact, however, was that in two or three months, half of the group
died. They were all starving, freezing, and terribly ill. Sometimes, as many as two or
three died in one day. By the end of February, only fifty Pilgrims were still alive. And