Иностранный язык: Контрольные работы по английскому языку для студентов 3-4 курса специальности 030401 - "История". Мартемьянова Н.В - 17 стр.


4. The settlers had plenty of time to prepare themselves for next winter.
Gardens were started. Champlain dug a trench which he filled with water. Fish
caught in the sea were put there alive and kept until needed. A ship loaded with
flour, fruit, jellies, species, and other dainties arrived from France.
5. Then Champlain thought of a kind of game to cheer the men during the
long, dreary winter. He formed the fifteen principal men in the colony into a club
which he named the Order of Mirth. The Order was to provide fun as well as
good food for the rest. Each member in turn was Grand Master for a day. It was
his business to furnish the meals for the day. Fresh meat was to form the chief part
of the meal, because Champlain new that it would keep the men from getting sick..
6. Each Grand Master tried to outdo the others in setting good meals. By
hunting or fishing or buying from the Indians, the Grand Master fed the colonists
with roast duck and goose, rabbits, deer meat, and fish of all kinds. At noon the
Grand Master for the day strode into the room, the collar of the order around his
neck, the staff of the Order in his hand, and a napkin on his shoulder. The other
members, each carrying a dish, marched behind him singing.
7. The men had a gay time at their meals, telling funny stories, and singing
their favourite songs. The Indians must have enjoyed this fun, too, for they often
came in and sat on the floor. During the meal, the French would give them white
mens bread, which they liked more than anything else.
8. After the evening meal the Grand Master turned over the collar and staff to
the Grand Master for the next day. Good food, fun, and a mild winter kept away
illness. The second winter in America was much more pleasant, and all of the
party lived through it.
9. Sad news arrived from France in the spring. The settlers were greatly
surprised when they were ordered to sail back to France. They had to leave
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My Future Profession
If you ask me why of all humanities I have chosen History, my answer will be:
it interests me as a science because it helps one to understand and explain the
processes going on in various aspects of human history. It also helps one to
foresee the course of events in the future. But no one can really study any
particular period of history unless he knows a lot about what preceded it, and what
came after it.
If one casts a retrospective look at the historical past, one can see that the entire
history of human society is that of wars and struggle for power. Wars, except just
ones, were always waged for the purpose of conquering other lands and peoples.
All the monarchs brutally oppressed their own people, and enslaved and plundered
the conquered nations. But, in the course of time, some empires and monarchies
gradually came down to a downfall. As a result of democratic revolutions, some
monarchs were overthrown and republics were proclaimed.